Love and Devotion

Baby House Finches

My Reflections:

We have a large backyard with a number of mature trees and shrubbery. I keep a well-stocked feeder on our back deck, so naturally, our lot is the neighborhood hotspot for a variety of bird species that are both feeding and nesting. I recently discovered one of the prettiest nests I’ve seen in a long time. Built by an industrious little pair of house finches, the nest is tucked behind the outdoor light attached to our garage and is woven with various grasses that have gone to seed…making it look quite dainty. It’s also chock full with four squirming, “so ugly they’re cute” chicks. After discovering them, I checked on them a couple of times each day to see their growth progress. Both parents worked tirelessly to keep them fed and all four fledged successfully.

It warms my heart to know that birds find the trees and shrubs of our yard, as well as the nooks and crannies of the exterior of our home, a comfortable and safe enough place to find food, frolic, and build homes where they can nurture their young. As I walk by our sliding glass door, I never fail to steal a glance outside to see who is visiting the feeder. Often I see the devoted house finch mother grabbing a meal for herself. My toddler enjoys watching the birds too and we like to sit together by the window…him watching, pointing, squealing at the birds in fascination, me fascinated with watching him discover the natural world.

Mother Nature’s Voice:

“The devotion of a mother and father to their offspring is one of the purest forms of love on this Earth. When pure in heart, there is no mother or father that does not want for their children to flourish in life, to carry on and complete their own journeys. There is no parent that will not go to the ends of the Earth to protect their offspring so that it may thrive. This is a beautiful connection; the kind of connection that expands the heart with love until one feels that it may burst. Many wild animals, in caring for their young, provide the greatest lessons on connection, nurturing, and devotion to children…living examples of pure love.”

Main photo specs:

  • Camera              Nikon D90
  • F-stop                f/5.6
  • Exposure           1/50 sec
  • ISO                     ISO-320
  • Exposure bias   0 step
  • Focal length      80 mm
  • Max aperture    5         

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