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Welcome to my blog!

My name is Shannon Amberg and, for as long as I can remember, I’ve had a passion for nature and photography.  My family and I live in Western Wisconsin, in a little town along the great Mississippi River – a stunning corner of the U.S.  A PhD in Natural Resources offers me the privilege of working with the natural environment in a scientific way everyday. But my camera and a deep connection to the energy of nature allows me to be the artist that I’ve always dreamed of being. I enjoy photographing natural landscapes and taking macro shots to create abstract nature images or to capture the tiny, simple, and beautiful surprises waiting to be discovered.

I feel at home in nature; for me it has always been a place of respite, healing, inner peace, and a way to tap into my own intuitive abilities. On a stressful day, I can escape into the local forest and emerge a short time later with my mood and energy completely transformed. Thus, I am ever compelled and guided to document nature through what I believe are unique and creative perspectives. My goal is that all I experience from nature will be translated to others through my images, that others will feel the connection and benefit from what nature has to offer.

This blog is a way of sharing my nature photography from my many sojourns of documenting the essence and aliveness of nature…the Spirit of Nature. Mother Nature is a great storyteller and purveyor of wisdom, and I try hard to listen. The narrative that accompanies each photo represents a story about my personal journey and a nugget of wisdom that Mother Nature intended for me to hear and know, so that you all may contemplate it (if it suits you, of course).

My greatest wish is that the images and messages inspire you to go out and connect with nature…and tap into the hum, the peace,  and the wisdom present there.

If you find you are moved by the images and the messages that accompany them, prints of varying sizes can be available for purchase. If you are interested in using the images in any way, please give credit where credit is due. You can contact me at amberg.shannon@gmail.com for details and to make arrangements.

Thanks for visiting!

3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Congratulations on this beautiful, heart led venture! (I put my Flickr widget back on my blog so you can see some of my photos). Best of luck, and I look forward to reading what Ma Nature says to you.

  2. What a gorgeous blog! I love the way you marry the images with the words. It’s so thoughtful and inspiring. I look forward to watching this blog develop.


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