Summer’s Adornments

Black-eyed Susans

My Reflections:

One of the things I appreciate most about summer is the emergence of the many different wildflowers. I’m always on the lookout for the obscure patch of black-eyed Susan, wild sunflowers, purple coneflowers, or butterfly weed along roadsides during my daily commutes from home to wherever life takes me that day. I found these beauties near our home, sprucing up an empty residential lot that has reverted to a prairie of sorts while awaiting purchase. I realize that many people appreciate wild flowers, and for many reasons. To me, they are simply beautiful to look at; I like to think of them as nature’s adornments or accessories. Wonderful little collections of jewels that accentuate the landscape, much like a delicate necklace can make a rather simple outfit truly stunning. I really appreciate also how they’re there and gone in just a few weeks, reminding me to be grateful for each moment, to stop and enjoy the flowers, because they’ll be gone soon…at least until the next season or maybe forever. For me, the flowers are a stunning reminder to be present in each moment and thankful for having each one…because that is all we really ever have. All things are so very temporary, always in flow, always changing. I would suggest we all Carpe Diem (seize the day), but Carpe Momentum (seize the moment) is far more appropriate!

Mother Nature’s Voice:

 “There is beauty in all of nature. It is obvious in some aspects, as with brilliantly colorful blossoms.  And less obvious in others, such as in the vast swamps, old forests with dying trees, brown fields, or burned landscapes. It is easy to see the beauty of flowers or grand views, but it is challenging to recognize the beauty, utility, and service of the less visually appealing aspects of nature. All pieces are necessary; they play a part, to form a harmony, to create and sustain life. This is the true beauty of all parts. For without all of the parts, the whole would not BE, would not exist. Everything is linked in nature, even humans. All beings, all aspects are in service to the next, and without one, the system is challenged, it is less whole. Thus, all aspects, all parts deserve gratitude and appreciation, even those that are not perceived as beautiful outwardly to the eye. This is true for every human as well. All parts are beautiful…the human heart knows this truth.”  

Main Photo specs:

  • Camera             Nikon D90
  • F-stop               f/5.6
  • Exposure          1/80 sec
  • ISO                    ISO-320
  • Exposure bias  +0.7 step
  • Focal length     80 mm
  • Max aperture   5         

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