Healing Light

My Reflections:

It’s been a while, I know. I had to take a bit of a break from just about everything in my life during the month of August, including my photography and my blogging. I’m newly pregnant with our second child, which was a very sweet surprise for my husband and I; but this sweet surprise was also accompanied by some serious morning sickness that unfortunately lasted 24 hours a day for me. Needless to say, it has rendered me nearly incapable of accomplishing virtually anything except surviving each day.

During this time, one of the only things I found that makes me feel a little better is to sit outside in the grass just a few steps from the Mississippi River. As I sit there, I listen to the sounds around me, breathe in the fresh air, and let the sun warm my skin. I imagine the energy of all the natural things around me as this beautiful white or golden light, and as I breathe in, I imagine this light filling my body to the brim, displacing all the yucky stuff. It is honestly quite like getting an amazing hug from Mother Nature herself that, even for just a few minutes, makes my constant nausea and body discomfort nonexistent. I’ve done this meditative exercise each day for the past eight weeks, it has grounded, centered, and rebalanced me during a time when I feel my energy is straight-up frantic and depleted. Mostly, it has helped me to relax into, embrace, and begin to enjoy yet another incredible change in my own and my family’s lives. I always enjoy trying to capture light with my camera. This time I just happened to use it to help heal me. Here’s to new adventures and a daily hug from Mother Earth.

One thought on “Healing Light

  1. So glad you have found that connecting with Mother Nature has helped you during this pregnancy. I, too, had morning sickness all day long for the first few months of my pregnancy. Here’s hoping that over the next few months, you get more energy and feel better and better.

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